Innovation Through Building Pipelines in Challenging Environments


Specializing in welding and coating, Jewel Holdings Ltd. is an award-winning fabrication contractor with over 17 years of pipeline installation experience across the province of British Columbia. Over this period of time, the company has embraced innovation in order to meet the growing challenges construction companies face when working in sensitive habitats and urban environments. Specializing in both shop and field welding services, we have a significant mobile welding fleet which allows us to offer a complete end-to-end pipeline mechanical operation. Our service offerings include industrial pipe fabrication, spooling, lining, alloy welding and specialty-coatings.



As a company, we are committed to meeting the rigorous standards set by both industry and government regulators, and our internationally trained management team has the experience and knowledge to see each and every project we take on through to completion.

Although we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, we understand that our employees are the heart of our business. Therefore, we take the safety of our people seriously. As a COR-certified company, we have gone out of our way to put in place stringent safety protocols across our organization to provide a safe working environment for our employees.



Large-scale construction projects face a number of challenges when factors such as the environment our employees and the public are taken into consideration. Pipeline construction is a complex process that requires the use of specialized heavy equipment for installations in arduous environments. We continuously strive to improve our efficiencies and capabilities by using sustainable environmental practices.

With these areas of concern in mind, Jewel has sought out and developed industry-specific equipment that limits the residual effects of pipeline construction in fragile environments and urban locations.



To reduce the amount of noise, dust, fumes, and debris released during the drilling process, we created insulated work habitats which also protect the health and safety of our employees on-site. These habitats have helped decrease the impact our operations have on the surrounding areas thus improving our relationships with the community as a whole and diminishing our environmental footprint.

When installing a pipeline in an urban environment, there are a number of elements at play that affect how we operate. It is not unusual to encounter large amounts of water as we drill into stone. Clearing away this unwanted liquid requires large-scale dewatering pumps that must run outside of operating hours ordained by municipalities. In order to comply with noise bylaws, we developed an innovative soundproof enclosure that allows our equipment to run outside of normal operating hours. This approach ensures that we are able to get the job done right without disturbing the communities we serve.



With a forward-thinking approach to our industry, Jewel is dedicated to expanding our knowledge base while incorporating the highest standards of quality and safety into our operations. We will continue to grow and learn alongside our associated companies as we work on projects located throughout British Columbia.