If you think rock and concrete breaking is all about big explosions, think again.


With a focus on innovation and technology, GeoBreak Rock Breaking Solutions provides grout-based and non-detonating products to the construction industry that are excellent alternatives to traditional blasting methods. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with the results they need to successfully remove rock or concrete from their job site. We developed our demolition products to enable both professionals and members of the public to carry out rock or concrete removal without the headache this procedure often involves.


One of the biggest obstacles homeowners or contractors will encounter when breaking ground on a new project is a great big rock in the middle of the development site. Removing this stone often involves a lengthy application procedure through a municipal government. Once approved, the actual cost of removing unwanted stone with a blasting contractor will make hardened veterans of the construction industry weep. But GeoBreak is here to provide a different approach that doesn’t require hiring demolition experts and can be applied without permits.


Although it may not have the fireworks one might expect from a rock-breaking technology, Geo Break Expanding Grout will remove that unwanted rock or concrete from your site with the same effectiveness as blasting. Applying the material is much simpler than using explosives and the drilling equipment required can be rented from any home building supply center with a rental facility. Once you have the equipment and the material on hand, all you need to do is drill the holes into the rock or concrete, mix the expanding grout with water, pour the slurry into the drilled holes and wait. In a typical scenario, the expanding grout requires 24-48 hours to effectively break apart the concrete or stone.


Additionally, for larger projects we supply Nxburst™ non-detonating safety cartridges which hold significant advantages over mainstream blasting techniques. Unlike traditional detonating methods of rock removal, the Nxburst™ product utilizes the process of deflagration to break apart rock or concrete. This approach is less invasive and is ideally suited for sensitive environments or for busy construction sites. Nxburst™ produces lower blast pressures and lower noise levels when compared to conventional methods of rock or concrete blasting.


As an industry leading supplier of expanding grout and non-detonating explosives on the west coast, we stand behind the products we sell to our customers, and we provide hands-on training and expertise to assist you with all of your rock removal needs. Our team is here to help you through each and every step of the process, and we are happy to provide consultation and recommendations that suit your project.