K2 Stone is your local choice for natural stone building materials.

As a company, we are committed to being the industry leader in the stone product market. By this we mean that we eat, sleep, and breathe stone and its applications in both residential and commercial construction. We are constantly looking to expand and improve our knowledge base in the industry, and it is this dedication that fuels our quest for the finest stone products that we can make available to our customers.

Therefore, we are excited to announce the introduction of two new products to our stone veneer catalogue. Sourced from domestic quarries, Sitka Springs and Cameron Lake stone veneers are the perfect addition to our expanding product line.

Available in both Ledgestone and Urban Ledge, these two products have distinct features that will bring a tremendous amount of value and character to your home or commercial property.

Boasting a mix of earth tones, and cool blue/grey with copper highlights, the Cameron Lake stone veneer can be applied to both exterior and interior finishes in a variety of ways. From covering columns or posts on the outside of your home to adding a rich texture to a feature wall inside, the Cameron Lake veneer is an ideal addition to your new home, or an exciting feature to include in a remodeling project.

While the Cameron Lake veneer is characterized by cool greys and blues, Sitka Springs offers a robust palette of organic tones ranging from muted greys to rich copper and maple that blend well with traditional home designs. If you are looking for the perfect texture to accent your kitchen or to bring life to a stairwell, Sitka springs is hard to beat as a design choice.

We hope you find these two products as beautiful and full of colour as we do. The new additions to our catalogue not only bolster and enhance the versatility of K2 in the stone product manufacturing industry, but they also expand the options available to our customers searching for the right stone palette to add to their project. But our work is not done yet. We will continue to search for and source only the finest stone available in North America and we remain focused on being the best local provider of stone veneers in the residential and commercial construction industry.