Stone may be as old as time, but the technology used to process stone continues to evolve. At K2 Stone, we are committed to producing stone products of the highest quality for our customers, and we constantly seek out and explore available technology to stay at the forefront of the North American stone industry.

With these thoughts in mind, we are pleased to announce the successful purchase and installation of our latest saw. The Xinda SHXJ-1500 is a stationary, diamond single-wire saw with some extraordinary abilities.


The saw incorporates computer technology and CAD programming to cut and shape oversized stone pieces elevating K2 stone’s processing power in a number of ways.

Along with the power to slice large slabs for further processing, the saw can cut stone blocks up to 58” tall and 108” long. Furthermore, The Xinda single wire saw can cut larger custom pieces such as hearths, post caps, and tiles with bed depths over 26 inches. The saw can be programmed to cut radii or angles of varying degrees opening further potential for custom products.

Purchased from Skystone Canada in December 2020, the Xinda single wire saw was installed in March of 2021. The actual installation of the machine was jointly handled by several divisions of Hazelwood. Momentum Design Build handled the concrete foundation while SCS Manufacturing designed and built a custom floor trough to collect saw runoff. To support the installation, Hazelwood Construction provided excavation and pipework.

With this new saw incorporated into our process, we at K2 Stone look forward to providing our customers with custom stone products to match their needs. Contact us today for all of your stone needs.