November, a month known for rain and colder weather has now become synonymous with the iconic moustache due to the fundraising efforts associated with men’s health that occur during this time of year.

In 2003, two friends met at a pub in Australia and formed an idea to challenge other men in their life to grow a moustache for the month of November. The challenge was so popular that they decided to expand the competition in 2004, and they encouraged anyone that participated to grow for a cause. The outpouring of support drove the founders to create a not for profit organization, and Movember was born. Today, Movember competitions can be found across the globe, and the month-long event focuses on men’s health issues.

Suicide, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer are difficult topics to discuss. It is a well-known fact, that men have struggled with these issues in silence for generations due to social taboos. The Movember movement hopes to break down these barriers by encouraging men to open up about their health issues and seek the help they need.

Seventy-Five percent of suicides are men, and 100% of suicides are preventable. Although the reasons vary between individuals, depression and poor mental health are often the root causes of suicide. Men suffering from depression need to know that they are not alone and that the help they need is there. If you are struggling with mental health issues, is a great place to find the resources and help you need.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer found in young men. This type of cancer is treatable if detected early, but many men don’t seek out the help they need if they are experiencing symptoms. The Movember movement is focused on educating men about testicular cancer facts and motivating men to get tested early to prevent further complications.

While testicular cancer strikes early, prostate cancer develops later in life. Only men have a prostate gland, and men Fifty years and older should have a prostate exam to screen for cancer (45 years for men of African or Caribbean descent). Massive strides have been made in treating and preventing prostate cancer, but the most important factor affecting survival rates is early detection. Movember has been a proud supporter of prostate cancer research and prevention since its inception, and the movement wants to help all men within the screening window to get tested early and prevent prostate cancer.

Men’s health issues affect us all. Each and every one of us will be impacted by these issues at some point in our lives be it personally or through a friend or loved one. Therefore, it is important that everybody is aware of and committed to preventing these treatable men’s health conditions.

Hazelwood is proud to participate in this year’s Movember campaign, and we will be matching the donations made by our employees to this fundraiser. We support all brothers, dads, friends, and mates who may be experiencing health issues that are difficult to talk about and we encourage anyone to donate to this important cause.

There is still time left to contribute, so please visit the Hazelwood Movember team page by clicking on the following link:

Hazelwood Movember Team