K2 Stone is your local choice for natural stone building materials. Quarried and fabricated within North America we supply a wide range of stone masonry and landscape products. K2 Stone has always placed a focus on innovation with the continued research and development of new products. K2 Stone is proud to announce four new stone veneer product offerings; sourced from our quarry on Vancouver Island. Utilizing our signature Ocean Pearl stone we have crafted new finishes, each having a distinctive shape, colour and texture.

Built from the colour profiles of our popular fieldstone veneers, we are proud to introduce two Ocean Pearl Squares & Recs offerings. Consisting of square and rectangular stones, our Arbutus Squares & Recs features a subtle but warm colour palette, primarily tans and browns with the occasional grey. These colours are randomly mixed, but the resulting texture is smooth and consistent. Additionally our new Tofino Sky Squares & Recs Veneer has a smooth texture with a cool blue and gray colour palette. Square and rectangular stones establish a strong profile which works well for both modern or traditional designs.

Ocean Mist is one of our flagship colour profiles that is produced from our Ocean Pearl quarry. Its unique colour and texture provide an exceptional finish on any surface. Ocean Mist natural stone material is distinguished by its depth of colour, which includes complex shades of grey, rich blue tones and a hint of green. Dimensional colour makes Ocean Mist an extremely versatile stone veneer that complements most palettes of roofing and cladding materials. We are excited to introduce two new Ocean Mist stone profiles, Micro Ledge and Ashlar. Adding these stone veneer shapes provides new possibilities for modern architectural designs. Whether you are looking for clean cut contemporary lines or a modern west coast ledge Ocean Mist can achieve a full range of design aesthetics.